Premiere: SKYMAS – No Easy Way Out

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One of the country’s most compelling live outfits, Belfast duo Martin Corrigan (ex-Alloy Mental) and Nick Todd AKA SKYMAS are an act that aim straight for the sonic jugular. With their aim to create tracks that “can channel the fundamental, super physical energy from beyond our everyday world” their new Dave Lievense-produced single ‘No Easy Way Out’ bears the hallmarks of their propulsive electro-rock craft to date: pounding rhythms, powerful textures and brazen lyrical gusto.

Tipping their hat to musical and philosophical forerunners ranging from Fela Kuti, Steve Albini and John Lydon to David Bohm, Robert Anton Wilson and Alan Watts, Corrigan and Todd’s blend of techno, noise rock, reggae, punk and new wave has resulted in a partnership proving ever more singular per release. With another single set for release in December, ‘No Easy Way Out’ is an invitation to discover an emerging Northern Irish act tipped to do big things in the coming months.

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