Watch: Burnt Out – Joyrider


Back in March we featured North Dublin multi-disciplinary project Burnt Out in our physical magazine, discussing their origins, class disparity, misrepresentation and their stellar debut single ‘Dear James‘. The piece presented the project as one of the country’s most authentic and unequivocal artistic propositions and a a group of firmly rooted in working class society, raging against the distinct under-appreciation of their culture.

Six months on, they have resurfaced ‘Joyrider’, a masterfully cathartic audio-visual statement confronting the “systematic concept of masculinity with regard to violence and emotions, aiming to highlight the destructive nature masculine expectation has on the adolescent and those surrounding”.

Burnt Out said, “The song retells the reality of “Urban Cowboy” culture in working-class areas of Dublin, Ireland throughout the 1990’s and early-00’s. Through the perspective of a youth exposed to both the abusive nature of the culture and the socio-political neglect which facilitated its perseverance into contemporary society, it explores the parallels between social acceptance and moral obligation put forward to the youth at this time.”

Vital and very impressively presented stuff. Check out the single’s artwork and superlative video below.



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