Album Premiere: Exploding Eyes – Exploding Eyes


In his review of this, the Dublin progressive garage-rock trio’s self-titled debut album, TTA’s Trev Moran said Exploding Eyes “greets you with a welcoming invitation to something a little less serious and a lot more fun.” Sure enough, the ten-track release is something of a feature-length celebration of cutting loose without overthinking the dynamism that makes their craft so instantly gratifying.

Having formed just over a year ago, the band – comprised of members of The Things, Cheap Freaks, Humanzi and The Mighty Stef – bursts forth from a lineage spearheaded by masters Blue Cheer, Mountain and Cream on the likes of lead single ‘We Need Love’ and highlights including ‘Fear’ and ‘Something Critical’. After of its release on January 27 – and launch at Whelan’s on Friday, February 3 – have a first listen to the album below.

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