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Playlist: 12 Irish Acts at SXSW 2017

Loah - January

As positively hectic as any festival on the face of the globe, SXSW has long been established as a veritable cornucopia of film, music and interactive media from far and very wide. And with festivals of much smaller scale: where the excess of choice becomes something of a burden, planning ahead and knocking up a makeshift “must-see” guide is next to obligatory to ensure FOMO doesn’t become an all-consuming spectre during your festival stay.

Just as important is getting some essential listening in before heading off in said sensory abyss. So if you’re SXSW-bound this year and want to check out some of our very best homegrown talent in unfamiliar environs, enrapturing bars, boats and venues throughout Austin, Texas, check out our 15 track Spotify playlist below, featuring Robocobra Quartet, LOAH, Ryan Vail, Cloud Castle Lake, EMBRZ, Ciaran Lavery and more.

Photo for the Thin Air by Tara Thomas

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