Stream: Kieran O’Brien – Only A Dream


Last October we wrote about Galway ambient-folk artist Kieran O’Brien‘s After The Storm EP, a heartfelt, raw and honest exploration of personal rediscovery, nature and memory. Returning now with ‘Only a Dream’ taken from his forthcoming EP, O’Brien continues to explore similar themes with an added verve and a wealth of vibrant atmosphere.

Stylistically, the track shifts slightly from the folkier leanings of After The Storm and instead takes a swing at the dream-pop pace and textures of Real EstateThe War on Drugs and fellow Galway artists like New Pope. It is a path that is well-trodden by upcoming artists and one that is all too often worn with missteps and stumbles, but in this instance there is a boldness in the sincerity and a confidence in the pursuit that lends to this being one of the strongest tracks to come out of the west of Ireland so far this year.