Stream: Ciaran Lavery – Everything Is Made To Last


If you’ve been in any familiar with what we’ve done over the last few years, you’ll know that we have a lot of time for Aghagallon’s Ciaran Lavery. A rare breed of artist who navigates sorrow, wanderlust, love and the borderline mystical hidden spaces that both join and keep us apart, his music comes from a place of a potent grasp of the human condition.

Having been zig-zagging around the continent playing shows over the last few months, his new single ‘Everything Is Made To Last’ is a four-minute distillation of what has made all previous efforts so profoundly listenable. Triumphant turns and phrases, wonderfully incisive lyricism, earworming melodic refrains, subtle synth arpeggios, huge acoustic refrains  – it’s all there and more. Welcome back, Mr. Lavery.

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