Watch: Wastefellow – Enfold You


Dublin producer Diolmhain Ingram-Roche AKA Wastefellow has returned with one of his strongest efforts to date, ‘Enfold You’.

Featuring visuals from Flann Manning, the single – which is a four-minute traipse of shuffling beats,  thick bass and floaty electronica patterns – is the first in a new series of tracks that Ingram-Roche  aims to put out between now and next Summer. Speaking more about the track, he said:

“‘Enfold You’ began as an attempt to write a pop song from somebody who doesn’t necessarily appreciate a lot of pop music. As these pop ideals filtered through my own experiences and workflow, they began to distort and change until the final product was something different, like an imagined pop music. While this was happening, it occurred to me that the romantic idea of love represented in so much pop-music & culture is something that we often try to emulate. This ‘ideal love’, which is imagined and which is imagined and very much unreal, distorts in the moment two people attempt to re-create it, and results in something entirely changed, entirely personal and entirely real. ‘Enfold You’ is an imagined pop song, written as an ode to imagined love.”

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