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Alien She’s Manifesto For Creative Aliens


Make a work that you would make if you were the only person in the world. Don’t worry about pleasing others. A true work will find the people who need it, always, and they will be the people you need to. Trying to please with your work will bring the wrong people to you.

Take up space with your work. Use your voice, your unique identity. Stand strong and tall on your own two feet. Shake your body. Feel the vibrations of your song and art. Let it energize and motivate you. Love your thoughts and words. They belong to no one but you.

People will tell you that what you’re trying to do has been done, that it is reductive, that it isn’t worth the time. Prepare for this and ignore with a smile when it comes out of someone’s mouth. You will prove them wrong with your vital success.

Not everyone will understand you. They will try to put you into a genre and box. This is because you are challenging, unique and new. Newness is frightening to people who are closed-minded. Don’t worry about these people. They will flourish in their own time.

When people comment upon your voice, for being too masculine, too fierce, too high, too low, too soft, too strong – face towards the wind and let their words wash away with it.

Always remember voice is vital. A song can save a life.

Include everyone in your work. Togetherness is power. We’ve been excluded and apart long enough.

Don’t be afraid to ask to borrow. Ask for advice. How did you do that? Where did you get that? Can you show me that? Can I use your practice space? Can you teach me a song? Can we make a film together?

Treat animals and the earth kindly in your work.

Support each other. Ignore trends. Lift one another up and go to each others events. Community is everything.

Forgive yourself.

Forgive others.



Take a break.

Talk to other artists. They are shy and nervous too.

Defy competition by befriending others and collaborating with them.

Ignore capitalism.

Communicate. Face to face.

When you share your art with the world you a celebrating the beauty of the self, of the human spirit, of togetherness and connection. You are healing the world.

Take care of yourself and your friends. Rest, go for walks, visit art galleries, listen to music, all types, talk to your loved ones. Listen to your body.


Don’t compare yourself to others. We are all flesh and blood, trying to survive. No one is as happy as you think they are. We all feel the same pain inside.

When you are laughed at, ignored, talked over, bullied and spat at, remember you will rise above.

Write a play.

Don’t be afraid to be new, weird, loud, quiet, sad, happy, and joyous.

Consume books.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t play the instrument – the rules are just something put in place by certain people. Make new rules. Don’t worry about not having the right gear. You will someday.

Go to the movies. Not the Hollywood ones.

When someone laughs at you, it’s because they are so overwhelmed by your unique, brave risk taking that they could not fathom.

Don’t worry about being picked up in the media. Push on ahead and do your thing. People will understand someday.

Feel the ocean.

Regard the moon.

Enjoy the sun.

Make love.

Eat well.




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is the co-editor / photo editor. She also contributes photos and illustrations to The Thin Air print magazine.