Premiere: Hot Cops – Decay


On Monday (July 30), Belfast indie rock stalwarts Hot Cops will release Speed Dating, a five-track EP that compiles remastered versions of their singles to date. Doubling up as a quick primer of-sorts, the release holds up as an all-killer insight into why the Carl Eccles-fronted band are widely considered to be one of the country’s very best (a theory you may have noticed we’ve shared over the last few years.)


The release’s lead track, ‘Decay’ has long been a live highlight for the band. A three-minute blast of fuzzed-out slacker-pop, it’s a full-blown celebration of ennui that finds relief in both simple admittance and its feedback-soaked closing barrage.

Accompanying the release is a brand new, and rather brilliant video, which we’re pleased to premiere below. Featuring a few fizzogs that might be familiar to those of you residing in the sprawling metropolis that is Belfast, it was created by (Carl’s brother) Aaron Eccles’ Drawn in Pen Productions. Aaron also delivers an Oscar-worthy performance as the video’s lead role.

Pre-order Speed Dating here, pop along to see Hot Cops in Belfast (for free) tomorrow night and have a first look at ‘Decay’ below.

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