Watch: Cubs – Swallows Will Be Leaving

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 2.22.01 PM

Comprising artists on Galway indie imprint Rusted Rail –  namely Aaron Hurley (Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon), Keith Wallace (Loner Deluxe), Cecilia Danell (A Lilac Decline), Eddie Keenan (AKA The Driftwood Manor), Scott McLoughlin (Phantom Dog Beneath The Moon) and James Rider of United Bible Studies) – Cubs‘ sedate and self-proclaimed “left-of-field folk” is equal parts phantasmal and pastoral. It’s improvisational, sylvan and snugly-woven approach that is laid bare on the group’s second album, the recently-released, Darkr Earlyr.

A highlight from the release, ‘Swallows Will Be Leaving’ is a paean to nature’s passage into wintertide via the parting of hirundinidae from the skies. Accompanying the song are DIY visuals, which you can watch below.

Stream/buy Darkr Earlyr here.

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