EP Premiere: Alpha Chrome Yayo – Malediction Boulevard

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If you’re a regular reader of The Thin Air, you’ll likely be familiar with Belfast producer and musician Alpha Chrome Yayo. Fluent in the acrolect of synth-drenched retromancy, his output to date has taken a cue from everything from Giorgio Moroder and Steve Vai to the works of William Gibson and smoke-filled arcades.

New EP Malediction Boulevard is his most assured and comprehensively impressive effort to date. Bearing the imprint of Gothic influence – namely the likes of The Sisters of Mercy, The Cure and Goblin, as well as the films of Lucio Fulci and David Cronenberg – it’s a four-track blitz of cinematic synthwave, face-searing solos and first-rate production. We’re pleased to present a first listen below.

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