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Monday Mixtape: Gender Chores

Gender Chores

From Mitski and Kitt Philippa to Lucy Dacus and Maija Sofia, Belfast punk trio Gender Chores wax lyrical about some of their all-time favourite tracks.

Photo by Chris McCann

Kitt Philippa – ’68 2/4′

Sam: This is the closing track of Kitt’s incredible first album, and it’s my favourite one on there. It has a real steady, sure pulse that supports the refrain “Keep me going ’til the morning light”. Its gravitational pull allows the swirling arrangements of woodwind and piano to orbit out into the distance and then be gently guided back to the forefront which beautifully reinforces the narrative.

Hachiku – ‘Shark Attack’

Sophie: I’ve picked Milk Records artist Hachiku as my first choice. The 2019 release of Shark Attack has to be up there with my top singles of the year. The arpeggiated lead line and soft synth pads creates a lush musical arrangement, which reminds me of an amalgamation of a John Carpenter score and Slowdive.

Louis Cole – ‘Below The Valley’

AJ: I couldn’t not include this song in my mini list of favourites. This underrated genius recorded the entire song with one microphone in his house. The kick drum is distorted beyond what we normally deem acceptable, but is arguably the crowning glory of the song. Yet despite these often industrial-sounding drums, the song is beautifully delicate with almost ethereal harmonies and folky guitar. Like a chilled out counterpart to Beck’s ‘E-pro’.

Maija Sofia – ‘Morning’

Sam: This is such an immersive track from Maija Sofia’s Bath Time, everything from the vocal lines to the sustained guitar takes time to dwell on lingering memories posing as ocean metaphors.  To me the song seems to be acceptance of things moving forward, perhaps with some hint of concern at the speed and recklessness with which they do so.

Lucy Dacus – ‘Dancing in the Dark’

Sophie: “2019” is a collection of covers inspired by seven national holidays (Christmas, Valentines Day and Mother’s Day to name a few.)The national holiday in question for this cover is naturally Bruce Springsteen’s Birthday.  Dacus makes this song her own, Bruce who?

Emma-Jean Thackray – ‘Make Do’

AJ: A modern master of synth, Emma-Jean Thackray infuses jazz with ambient lounge pop to create this almost meditative track. She has a unique talent of being able to make her music flow seamlessly when performing live sessions and this song is testament to that subtle groove which drives every track she produces. The euphoric and dreamy keys are what makes this track so addictive for me; her music is often trance-like in its slow, ebbing nature and this gem is no exception.

Mitski – ‘Cop Car’

Sam: Written for a movie soundtrack, Cop Car by Mitski is sinister and suspenseful, the brooding guitars and haunted, unravelling lyrics took me back to the grungier days of Puberty 2. As a fan of horror movie soundtrack clichés, and creepy things in general, extra points are awarded for (what I think is) a creaking swing-set sample at the end.

Charli XCX Ft Christine And The Queens – ‘Gone’

Sophie: Getting to see Charli and Christine perform this song together at Electric Picnic was a highlight, two of my favourite musicians come together with PC Music’s A.G. Cook with grain delay and thunderous basslines to produce the song of the summer.

Sugar Candy Mountain – ‘Windows’

AJ: If you had to guess where this band was from it wouldn’t be difficult. The Oakland-based duo created this hazy single drenched in psychedlia which would give Tame Impala a run for their money. The drums echo lazily in the background and I love Ash Reit’s vocals floating softly over the top of everything. It’s definitely one of my favourite songs to chill out to.

Gender Chores – ‘Toast Sandwich’

All: It would be rude not to!

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