Stay at Home With the Mary Wallopers This St. Patrick’s Day


Yep, the shit has well and truly hit the fan. With gigs and get-togethers being cancelled or postponed left, right and centre, clinging on to any semblance of hope of some sort of real-world St. Patrick’s Day shindig on Tuesday is now out of the question for us all.

But all hope is not lost. Yes, Dundalk’s finest forward-pushing folk formation The Mary Wallopers have it all under control. From 8pm on Tuesday evening, the trio will host Stay at Home with The Mary Wallopers, live on YouTube. Posting online, the lads said, “So get a few cans in or a few biscuits and prepare to be entertained. We will also be putting up a donation link for the gig if ye feel like throwing a few euros in. Looking forward to it!! Xoxo”

We’re absolutely sold. And sure what else would you be at? Check back here for the live stream on Tuesday evening.