Album Premiere: Swimmers Jackson – Murmuration


Dublin musician Niall Jackson has put the work in. As one-fourth of Dublin indie-rock quartet par excellence Bouts, a pivotal member of London-based Irish punk trio Sweat Threats, and a weaver of first-rate indie-pop in his own right as Swimmers Jackson, he’s never been an artist wanting for motive or inspiration.

Tomorrow (Friday, May 8th) sees the release of the long-awaited Swimmers Jackson debut album, Murmurations. From beatific singles ‘Summer’s Here’ and ‘Bliss’ to earworming highlights including ‘Replaceable’ and ‘Pain In The Heart’, Jackson summons a ten-track triumph that runs the gamut from the gossamer, lullaby-like gems to emphatic full-band efforts.

That it’s been selected as the Album of the Week on RTÉ Radio 1 should come as a surprise to no one – this is a release that fully rewards the listener in any way predisposed to artists like Pavement, Blur, Beach Boys, Weezer, Villagers, Times New Viking, Ash, Wavves and beyond.

Of the album title, Jackson said, “Murmuration is not only my favourite word in the English language, but also one of the most beautiful sights seen in the sky. The behaviour exhibited when a flock of starling are foraging or in flight sometimes feels like it echoes the coming together of all the different decisions we make in life, personally or musically.”

Have a first listen below.

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