Premiere: The Zang – Drinking With You

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The music-making moniker of Belfast artist Chris Molloy, The Zang is a project that’s ultimately about having a sense of humour even in the darkest of times.

The opening track and lead single from Molloy’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Drinking With You’ is an earworming pop rock gem, doubling up as equal parts a celebration of human connection and the joy of spending time with loved ones, versus the feeling of detachment and loneliness that we are all capable of enduring. Across three minutes, it makes for a subtly anthemic, harmony-laden effort that demands a repeated listen.

Released in Oiltape Studios in Belfast with Kris Platt, Danny Ball and Matthew Rutehrfoord-Jones of Blue Americans, The Zang is released on Friday, October 2.

Watch the video for ‘Drinking With You’ below.