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Content note: self-harm
Fears, AKA Constance Keane, has consistently used her voice to further the conversation on the importance of the arts in mental health, so we could think of no more apt artist to open up the Northern Ireland Mental Health Arts Festival.

Taking place remotely for the first time, running through until May 24th, the festival could hardly happen at a more pertinent time, with online-only commissioned music, art, film premieres, talks & workshops from esteemed doctors and comedians, with many innovative ways to navigate ‘the great unprecedented’. Commissioned by the festival, the self-produced single and its visual companion depict the non-linear recovery from trauma, using repurposed footage shot by Constance and her family during the last two years.

A spiritual conclusion to the conversation opened with ‘h_always’, written during her time in hospital, ‘two_’ is another cleansing, quietly hopeful sad banger from an artist who’s fast making them her stock-in-trade, exploring the liminality of what it is to really ‘recover’, and the self-acceptance necessary for its progress. As Constance explains:

“For me, there is no final point where I’ve “gotten better”. I am better than I was before, but “better” isn’t a destination. It’s about learning, maintenance and forging trust in myself. It’s important for me to discuss the topic of self harm; it’s something I’ve been trying to figure out how to approach for a while now. I don’t endorse self harm. It’s an unhealthy coping mechanism when you’re distressed; but it’s also incredibly common. Within the improving awareness and discussion around mental health, I feel self harm still carries the weight of secrecy and shame. I have lines on my leg from hurting myself a few years ago. They’re most likely going to be there for a very long time. 

I want to wear shorts in summer.
I’m going to wear shorts in summer.”

She’ll be hosting a launch party for the single on Dublin Digital Radio this evening from 6pm-7pm. Check out the video here:

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