Music Venue Trust Announces New Save Our Venues T-Shirt Campaign


The Music Venue Trust has been a force of immeasurable value within the arts sector in the last few months, saving a great number of  venues UK-wide with their #SaveOurVenues campaign, which continues to guarantee the presence places in which to gather, once gathering is an option.

Their latest initiative will offer the official Save Our Venues T-shirt for sale on the Crowdfunder page of each artist – with each costing £20 posted. From this, each £20 will go directly towards the individual venue’s campaign, with production & distribution costs being covered by the Trust itself.

The six MVT venues under threat in Northern Ireland are Belfast’s Black Box, Voodoo, Oh Yeah Centre, the 343, The American, and Warrenpoint’s Skylite Room. You can use the map below to track which venues remain under threat, with each featuring a link to their pages below:

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