Video Premiere: Dott – Extra Introvert


If there’s any band in Ireland who can lay claim to an Earworm Guarantee™, it may well be Galway’s harmony-laced dream-pop quartet Dott, and new single ‘Extra Introvert’ proves that once more in spades.

As interactions return to relative normality in time for summer, the gradual reacquaintance with our old friend social anxiety proves much easier when masked in a seasonally-appropriate bop. Dott were in the midst of recording their third album when the Covid-19 pandemic put a stop to things, but mercifully they’ve delivered us a homespun, all-too-relatable video, made for phone. Featuring lead singer Anna and her many attempts to overcome Lockdown Anxiety, it records the day-to-day of using her phone to make positive connections, with the added bonus of an overwhelming surplus of dogs.

The single was recorded in Leitrim by Frankie Pollard (Oh Boland) and mastered by Steve Fallone (The Breeders/Alvvways). Watch the video below:

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