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Irish Tracks of the Week – November 27th


You know how, traditionally, the music industry starts to grind to a halt around this time of year? Irish music is having none of it in 2020. Here’s the very best tracks of the week.

Tandem Felix – The Assassination

Ra Gerra – Terrified

LAOISE – Movies

Ten Past Seven – County Council (Live)

NewDad – I Don’t Recognise You

Messyng x Post Punk Podge – Still At The Music

Proper Micro NV – You Knew Longer Than Me

Any Joy – Sun EP

Eoin Dolan – Superior Fiction

The Love Buzz – Harp

The Organauts – I Feel Love

Robbie Stickland – Suffocated

Ana Gog – Breaking the Atom

Art of Algebra – Under A Different Light