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Premiere: Comrade Hat – Whatever You Do


Off-kilter pop genius Neil Burns, AKA Comrade Hat has shared the latest single from his forthcoming album, Old Gods, Vol. 1‘Whatever You Do’ sees the lounge lizard in more reflective form, taking a slight left from his arch persona; It’s jazz-flecked, instilled with a morsel of vulnerability.

Messr Hat told us more about the song: “It’s a ballad from BC (before Covid) about the struggles of physical distances in relationships, but it took on a whole new resonance this year. Aptly, it’s a remote collaboration with two of the finest heads around – rising stars of jazz and everything in the vicinity, Jack Kelly (double bass) and Andrew McCoubrey (drums). We’ve played together in various configurations so it was nice to finally pin this down. I love the energy they bring to it.”

Burns promises a live video and further single before the album drops in the new year, so stay tuned.

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