Video Premiere: Messying x Post Punk Podge – Still At The Music


“Are you still at the music? Are you making a few bob? Are you happy in yourself?” 

Taken from the wonderful Litany of Failures Vol. III compilation, released last month, Kerry producer Messyng and underground Limerick mouthpiece par excellence Post Punk Podge have teamed up to deliver a spicy video – directed by Steve Savage – for their collaborative single, ‘Still At The Music’, featuring Podge’s Great Giveaway of a Antique Shitshow™.

Its timing an act of serendipity, today has seen equal shares of elation and deflation with regards to the results of potentially career-changing musical project support grants for artists across the Irish music industry. As is Podge’s M.O., the release tackles (with a knowing wink) the mental and economical toll paid by independent creatives versus the collective cognitive dissonance and funding lottery values that put firm boundaries on creative practice – all accompanied by Messyng’s wonderfully obnoxious FUKD and BOMBD gabba squelch.

You can pick up A Litany of Failures Vol. III on vinyl and digital here. Watch the video below: