Video Premiere: Invaderband – Handcuffed Man Shoots Himself

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As the North’s premier – and most downright consistent – art-punk proposition, Invaderband have always delivered. Fronted by Adam Leonard, and featuring the likes of TTA favourite Chris McConaghy, AKA Our Krypton Son, the Derry quartet honour the lineage of (not to mention put their own twist on) post-punk more than any overhyped clan of boys from the Pale ever could.

You need not look much further than the band’s new single ‘Handcuffed Man Shoots Himself’. Conjuring everyone from Gang of Four and Swell Maps, to Stranglers and early Blur, it’s a stellar anti-anthem on police brutality that distils Invaderband’s equal parts slick and shrewd craft down to under three minutes. Have a first look at its accompanying visuals below.

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