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Irish Tracks of the Week – 25th August

From every corner of the island, here’s the very best new music of the week from Aoife Nessa Frances, Meljoann, Joel Jarkin, Akrobat, Touch Excellent, Autre Monde and more

Aoife Nessa Frances – Fantasy

Meljoann – Broke

Joel Harkin – Is Iomaí Lá Sa Chill Orainn

Jape – Lashing Through The Minutes

Niamh Bury – Who Am I To Tell Him?

Akrobat – Are You Listening

Middler – Home Port (Preference Remix)

Middler – Home Port (Matheson Remix)

Touch Excellent – Couch Song

Aby Coulibaly – DYWS?

Autre Monde – Strictly Come Dancing