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Irish Tracks of the Week – 29th September

From every corner of the island, here’s the very best new music of the week, from Jape, Negro Impacto and Super Extra Bonus Party, to Ex-Isles, Lucy Gaffney and beyond


Photo by Sean McMahon


Jape – Endless Thread

Negro Impacto – Maybe

Super Extra Bonus Party – Feather Helmet Repertoire

Lucy Gaffney – Boy Go

Loud Motive – What It Feel Like

Ex-Isles – Domestic Sacraments

Strange Boy – For A Man To Be Content

Anderson Nightmare – Great

Moon Landing – Violet

J Smith – Baby Farm

Cruel Sister – Turgid

The Line feat. Murli & Godknows – Patience of Saints

Anamoe Drive – Goodbye & Goodluck

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