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Chasin’ The Trane: A John Coltrane Playlist


On what would have been his 87th birthday, the towering musical stature of American jazz saxophonist and composer John Coltrane could not be any more set in stone. One of a small handful amount of musicians to irrevocably transform the landscape of a music contemporary music – both during his lifetime and down the years through the sheer influence and clout of his legacy – he embodied a revolutionary spirit that permeating the length and breadth of his staggering back catalogue as a sessionist, collaborator, bandleader and solo artist.

To pay small tribute to the man and his music, we have compiled a ten-track Spotify playlist featured some of his best recordings, everything from the beatific opening chapter of his 1964 avant-garde masterpiece A Love Supreme – a nigh on unparalleled spiritual and sonic quest in its own right – to the paced and swooning surge of ‘After The Rain’, a track that distils a meditative ambience that was so deep-rooted in more of his self-reflective efforts. Who knows if we’ll see an artist so fervently uncompromising and driven to consistently uproot the confines of their genre with such masterful results again?

Wait. X Factor is back, isn’t it? We might be eating our words by Christmas.

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