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15 For ’15: Speed of Snakes

Speed of Snakes by Alessio Michelini

Set to feature in physical form in our forthcoming January magazine, we continue 15 for ’15, a feature looking at fifteen Irish acts we’re absolutely convinced are going places in 2015. Over the first two weeks of January, we’ll be previewing each of those acts, accompanied by words from our writers and an original photograph by our wonderful team of photographers.

Next up: Dublin duo Speed of Snakes.

Photo by Alessio Michelini.

2014 saw the end of a band called Adebisi Shank, but this year the vibrations of the two remaining hatchlings of the snakes whose trails are the cosmos will reverberate along your consciousness like never before.

Speed of Snakes are coming. 2014 saw them follow up early social media profiles and streaming single ‘Arroway’ with one of the most ambitious videos ever from an independent Irish outfit, for menacing, crawling ‘Backbone of Night’, seeing the Snakes’ dreams of being neo-Dublin cyber-pimps dashed by an examination of their subject’s sentience. An eponymously-titled follow-up single was also fairly ridiculous, unveiling a penchant for floor-filling, falsetto-laden future-beats.

The brainchild of Vinny from Adebisi and Rupert from BATS, SoS sees the duo pushing their personal creative boundaries, with Vinny leaning into his beatsiest territory yet, a logical step from the Vinny Club, and Rupert expanding his vocal and lyrical stylings to difficult and sometimes even ridiculous new places. But the future can’t be built on suspicion of new horizons, and whether it’s a neon cityscape or complete dystopia, these two harbingers intend to lead us there. Mike McGrath Bryan


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