Exclusive: Fight Like Apes New Album Artwork

CD Digifile - 4 page - Moonpack_LH Pocket

We’re pleased to exclusively reveal the artwork for their Fight Like Apes‘ forthcoming third self-titled album, created by our very own deputy editor/photo editor, Loreana Rushe. Released on May 15 through Alcopop records, we will have a full review of the album in our May issue and MayKay from the band will also be discussing the recording of the album in her column.


1. I am not a Merryman
2. Crouching Bees
3. Pop Itch
4. The Schillaci Sequence
5. Didya
6. Numbnuts
7. Pretty Keen On Centerfolds
8. The Hunk And The Funplace
9. I Don’t Want To Have To Mate With You
10. Baywatch Nights
11. Maevis Beacon Annihilation
12. Carousel