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Rave New World (24/4)


Hallelujah! Perambulations over with, we’ve reconvened Aidan Hanratty and Antoin Lindsay once more for this week’s Rave New World, your indispensable, Friday-afternoon guide to all the very best electronic gigs, tracks, releases and mixes. Jim Wells and Iris Robinson on a bonfire.


No Disco presents… Aeroplane @ Aether & Echo, Belfast
Saturday, April 25

Aeroplane has been floating around for a while, plying his take on disco and Balearic across the globe since the Halcyon days of electro house when Justice were undeniably the kings of the dancefloor. While they’ve faded away Aeroplane’s rather more tasteful sound means he’s still kicking about and selling out venues. This one’s sure to be a good time. AL

Twitch & Nocturne – Power House Night – Head High b2b Prosumer @ Queens Student Union, Belfast
Saturday, April 25

Monster of a lineup from Twitch and Nocturne again this week following on from the fantastic Move D booking last week. Head High AKA Shed and Prosumer (who seems to be in Ireland every other week at this point) will be going back to back to bring some truly parful house to the QUBSU. Anyone who went to the last Head High night at Twitch will attest that he sent the crowd into a frenzy and there’s no reason to think it’ll be any different tomorrow. AL

Subject x Power House – Head High [Shed], Prosumer & Pfadfinderei @ The Twisted Pepper, Dublin
Friday, April 24

Underneath the review of Head High’s retrospective Home. House. Hardcore. release on Resident Advisor, someone had commented “i really do feel sorry for shed, he has a problem where he can only make big tunes. i hear he try his hardest to make moderate and even small tunes but they always still end up as big tunes no matter what :(((” Total bangers, mate. So stick him on a bill alongside Prosumer and you’ve got a guaranteed good time party for all. Unmissable. AH

Nonomino, The Friary, Cork
Saturday, April 25
The Nonomino night returns to The Friary in Cork city. Expect electronic difference and otherness from the likes of OPN, Lumigraph, Lucrecia Dalt, Inga Copeland, Arthur Russell and more. They’ve put together a new mix to showcase their interests, peep here. AH


Perfume Advert – +200 Gamma [Opal Tapes]

Few labels have the seemingly constant output that Opal Tapes have, which means it can be pretty difficult to keep up with everything. Luckily after his excellent 1080p release a few years back I wasn’t going to let Perfume Advert’s new one pass me by. ‘+200 Gamma’ is an 11 minutes luscious house jam that has a bit of an off-the-cuff live feel to it, just in time for the summer. AL

Blawan – Slow Mick [TERNESC]

No, your eyes don’t deceive you. Yes, that is new Blawan solo material. It feels like forever since there’s been any at all because in the dance music world it has been, almost 3 years in fact. TESC001 (nothing to do with the supermarket) will be coming out on his own new TERNESC label. He’s still doing blistering techno though, and ‘Slow Mick’ sounds the most promising of the lot to me. Hardware machine funk is what he does best and this is exactly that. AL

D. TIFFANY – All About Me (rough edit)

Rough edit, yeah. D. TIFFANY drops this sweet, shuffling number replete with ancillary percussion and male/female vocal abstractions. Seems pretty clean to me! AH

Pal+ – Kalimba

One Eyes Jacks is a Portuguese label run by Marco Rodrigues of Photonz fame. The latest release is due next month from Pal+, a veteran of sorts from Faro, and its lead track is a riotous affair. Pulsing Atlantic beats and rhythms come together while marimbas cascade together in light. Remixes are set to come from compatriots Roundhouse Kick, Silvestre and Dealy. AH


Frank & Tony – FACT Mix 492

Every so often a mix comes along and you know that you’ll still be rinsing it years down the line. This one of those mixes. Francis Harris and Anthony Collins are wonderful artists in their own right, but as Frank & Tony they released one of last years’ finest records in You Go Girl and now they’ve brought their deep house (in the very truest of senses) sound to a mix format. It entirely comprises of their own edits of artists who inspire them such as Grouper, Mogwai, Loscil and Matthew Herbert. It’s gorgeous, grooving and one of the finest examples of reimaging you’ll likely hear this year. AL

Lukid – Blowing Up The Workshop 42

Lukid’s seemingly been doing other things since his album Lonely at the Top came out in 2012, I wonder what? Anyway, Blowing Up The Workshop continues being probably the single finest mix series out there with this one as the man who we’re familiar with in only the electronic realm gives us a mix of piano music which contains Debussy, Desplat, Cage and Villa-Lobos (not that one). Ideal if you need a break from this hectic ol’ world. AL

Audrey Sensoria – Audrey Sensoria EP

Mines Clarence is a Dublin-based operation that deals in art and music. This is their second release, following last year’s Rashida EP from Übung, who features here as a remixer. Audrey Sensoria, an unknown quantity, delivers four blistering cuts of jacking techno. ‘Audrey’ sounds like a distant cousin of Daywalker + CF’s ‘Supersonic Transport’. Übung’s remix of the same track is a nightmarish yet blissful nine minute sinkhole of ambience. AH

Courtesy DJ Mix For

RBMA alumna Courtesy, aka Najaaraq Vestbirk, contributes this fire mix for Mute Control. It’s thick and crunchy with techno ooze, and then out of nowhere she closes the proceedings with Burial rave and noise from FIS. AH