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Rave New World (13/11)


With Antoin Lindsay in Amsterdam this weekend, Aidan Hanratty returns for his latest look at the very best electronic gigs, tracks, mixes and releases of the week.


Jayda G Dip at Jigsaw
Friday 13 November

Secret byo party business. Vancouver DJ and Fett Burger collaborator Jayda G comes to Dublin to play in an intimate city-centre space. This one will go late.

Twitch – Surgeon & Twitch DJs at The Bunatee
Friday 13 November

He’s just released the fascinating Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle Vol. 1 on Editions Mego (under his own name, Anthony Child), but Surgeon will no doubt be hitting it hard in Belfast tonight. He seems to play fairly regularly on this island, but that’s a blessing, not a complaint.

Tome Second Birthday with Randomer at The Loft Venue
Thursday 19 November

Tome celebrate their second birthday with an appearance from Randomer. Over the last few years this Londoner has released his hard and relentless techno on such esteemed labels as L.I.E.S. and its Russian Torrent Versions sub-label, Clone’s Basement Series, Turbo, Hemlock, Numbers, the list goes on. If you can afford to party on a Thursday, don’t miss it.


Via App – Baby K Interaction [1080p Collection]

This is due soon on 1080p, but this track has been kicking around for months it seems. No matter. Via App was just the focus of one of Resident Advisor’s Breaking Through features, and they gave away a couple of jams to help you get to know her better. This one is for the stargazers, a gorgeous run through floating synths skittery percussion.

Tom McConnell – Space Foam [Sector Twelve]

Appropriately mushy house this, prefacing seven tracks that will appear over the next week. “Sloppy cosmic funk” they call it, and I can’t say better than that.

ASC – The Sounding Furrows [Silent Season]

Remember that week I didn’t post about Silent Season? Nah me either. Following the recent Beneath The Surface release, ASC returns for the full-length CD release Fervent Dream. “When one is left alone to dream in the depths of these woods,” the press release says, “the stillness is at once fervent and sublime. Every tree begins to whisper into the night.” Quite.


Trushmix 79 – LNS

No one cares if your mix is 100% vinyl. This is 100% bangers, however, hence its inclusion. Yet another wonderful Trushmix, this one comes from LNS, a DJ from Vancouver. I’m not sure if she produces too, her SoundCloud just features mixes. This one is a beauty.

Nachtiville Radio 3: Resom / Workshop

Since Antoin is off at the Nachtiville festival in Amsterdam it seems fitting to share something related to this new event. Resom is a killer DJ, who featured on the Hessle Audio show on Rinse earlier this year. Here she crafts a dark and thrilling mix that represents the artists that call Lowtec’s Workshop label home.

Major Problems Mix for ISM

Dublin institution Barry Redsetta drops this fine and silky mix for Infinite State Machine, featuring gorgeous cuts from his own Major Problems label as well as Fit Siegel, Kassem Mosse and so on. Hassle Audio, he’s tagged it, showing a sense of humour to go with those serious DJ skills.

Rinse FM Podcast – Saoirse w/ DJ Deeon – 7th November 2015

OH OH — WORK IT WORK IT. London-based Irish DJ Saoirse’s Rinse show is a regular treat, and here her guest is the legendary DJ Deeon. Just don’t try downloading it, it’s 1.2gb…