Album Premiere: Eoin Dolan – UBIQUE


For whatever combination of reasons, Galway has long been petri-dish for breeding some first-rate solo artists. One that has consistently kept our attention over the last while, Eoin Dolan is easily right up there with the most effortlessly compelling.

Something of a whizz in the realm of surf-speckled, throwback indie-pop, Dolan has been drip-feeding tracks some stellar singles as of late, including ‘I Can Make You Hurt At Will‘ and ‘One Girl‘ earlier in the year, and most recently ‘Good Human Being?’ and ‘It Is Good That We Dream‘, which was released just this week.

Comprising those four tracks and seven more, Dolan’s second album, UBIQUE, is a brilliantly-woven and confident journey from start to finish. Featuring Conor Deasy on guitar and backing vocals, James Casserly on drums and percussion and Adam Sheeran on bass guitar, the record – self-produced in College Road and Renmore in Galway and Ashtown in Dublin – sees its release today via Galway’s Citóg and confirms something we’ve long suspected: Dolan is a fast-rising master of the understated pop-folk tale.

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