Watch: Bouts – Love’s Lost Landings (Pt. 1)


Five years on from the release of their debut album, Nothing Good Gets Away, Dublin indie rock quartet Bouts resurfaced back in May with ‘Face Up’. The lead single from the band’s highly-anticipated second full-length, Flow, frontman Barry Bracken called it “a no-filter, punch the air plea for staring things down and pushing on through.”

Second single ‘Love’s Lost Landings (Pt. 1)’ picks up the pace in emphatic fashion. Accompanied with visuals from Paris/London-based French photographer Gwenaëlle Trannoy (link below) it’s an equal parts slick and starry-eyed burst of indie rock from the re-emerging Irish four-piece, centreing around frontman Barry Bracken’s earworming refrain “Be good to yourself. Be good to me.”

Based between Amsterdam, London and Dublin, the band include Ash, Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, Pixies, Yo La Tengo and Weezer amongst their influences. This lineage leads directly into the Bouts’ brand of forward-moving brand of indie rock – one we think is going to make a big dent with the release of Flow early next year.