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The Thin Air’s Top 100 Irish Tracks of 2018 (#100-51)

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Christ on a rickety sleigh, was this tough. But truth be told – it’s rarely easy. As we scramble to bang heads and attempt to assimilate, order and re-order the absolute deluge of excellence that has met our ears over the previous twelve months, it’s instantly clear that there will be some notable omissions. It’s equal parts unavoidable and unfortunate, but more significantly, it’s glowing testament to what we’re dealing with in every pocket of this island.

Of course, we can’t – nor wish to – conclusively say this is “the best year for Irish music in recent memory” (the last three, in particular, have well and truly delivered). What we can say is that, combined, these tracks represent something that no end-of-year list will likely ever come close capturing: the importance of the music communities that breed, support and propel Irish musicians – be they Cork bedroom producers, Belfast indie rock upstarts, fast-rising Dublin rappers or Derry songsmiths – toward the world-stage.

Here’s part one of our two-part Top 100 countdown for 2018. If you get the chance, endeavor to spend some time with these songs. Work your way down the listen and give each their due. Collectively, this is the sound of an island whose artists are going above and beyond to excavating incredible new territory and push forward into 2019 with a genre-spanning, unrelentingly inspired head of steam.

100. Wyvern Lingo – Maybe It’s In My Nature

99. Talos – Kansas

98. Oh Joy – Cab Sad

97. Bokotono – You’re Looking A Little Rough Around The Edges

96. Saint Sister – Twin Peaks

95. Le Galaxie – Day of the Child

94. The Wood Burning Savages – I Don’t Know Why I Do It To Myself

93. Ghost Office – Here Come The Elders!

92. Cal Folger Day – Apples + Reprise

91. Tethers – Television Dreams of Human Beings

90. Oisin O’Scolai & The Virginia Slims – Holiday Homes (feat. Neptune M)

89. Gnarkats – War Cry

88. Rebekah Fitch – Need To Feel

87. Fox Colony – Supermarkets

86. Gaze Is Ghost – Home

85. Elma Orkestra – Lithium

84. Any Joy – The Fall

83. Aul Boy – Wait

82. Joel Harkin – Old Churches

81. Problem Patterns – Allegedly

80. Meltybrains? – Horizon

79. Joshua Burnside – REarranged

78. Lunch Machine – Yellow Door

77. Hand Models – Banana

76. Catalan – Espionage

75. Sweat Threats – Hermit

74. Tribal Dance – And Then All That Was Left Was A Physician
And A Silhouette

73. Porphyry – Wounded, White Light

72. Rory Nellis – The Fear

71. Oranges – The Way You Look

70. Malojian – Let Your Weirdness Carry You Home

69. Sun Mahshene – Tales of Fiction

68. Cherym – Take It Back

67. Hiva Oa – Souvenir

66. Extravision – Repeat It

65. That Snaake – [no comment]

64. The Dreads – Know Your Name

63. Alien She – Death Sentence

62. Foolish Mortal – Girl Talk

61. Eoin Dolan – Lunar Drift

60. New Pagans – Bloody Soil

59. Dandy’s Loft – Human Dust

58. Sister Ghost – Emily

57. VerseChorusVerse – Chord (Gunn Laws)

56. Somadrone – Juniper and Lamplight

55. Spies – Ho Chi Minh

54. Tristan Da Cunha – Opa

53. Larry – WAH

52. Daithi – Lavender (feat. Tandem Felix)

51. Shrug Life – 2009

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