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The Thin Air Podcast: Junior Brother


The premiere episode of The Thin Air Podcast Season 2 features Kerry’s finest singer-songwriter Junior Brother.  With his debut album Pull The Right Rope recently named The Thin Air 2019 album of the year, Ronan Kealy speaks to Danny Carroll about the song’s origin and recording process.  We also hear from the song’s producer Chris Barry (Ailfionn Studios), as well as cellist Claire Kinsella (Lemoncello). Ahead of episodes from TPM, Girl Band, Careerist, Just Mustard and SOAK, stream episode 1 of Season 2 below.

Music Featured:

1. The Back Of Her (2018)

2. Hungover At Mass (2017)

3. You Make A Fine Picture (2016)

4. The Back Of Her Demo (2016)

5. Parasite – Nick Drake (1972)

6. Solid Air (live) – John Martyn (1978)

7. Sprout And The Bean – Joanna Newsom (2004)