Mixtape Premiere: Acid Granny – Just Be Hoors


One of a handful of Irish acts that we recently singled out as being destined for special things in 2020 and beyond, Dublin’s perfectly unpigeonholeable Acid Granny have wasted no time in making their very own brand of face-searing, genre-flaunting shock-and-awe heard. Stocking more bangers than a mid-Ulster fireworks dealer come October, their freeform explorations via the time-untested medium of drum kit and electrified shopping trolley will, if you allow them, yield demented patterns and ecstatic locked grooves à la Afrika Bambaataa on sneachta and Zach Hill being flung down a flight of stairs.

Intrigued? Daunted? Barely keeping it together after a couple of weeks in the gaff? Look no further than their ‘Just Be Hoors’ mixtape, which we’re pleased to premiere in its digital form here today.

Acid Granny said, “Here we have 11 improvisations recorded on dodgy technology that have been dolled up with laptops to get Granny ready for the pub. The irony is, she isn’t even allowed to go anymore. In the gaff going mad she is. Listen!

Just Be Hoors is a commandment of the Gran. Everything about this process was guided by that sentiment. I was a hoor for Macintosh for months… creeping around digi-sessions searching for musical moments to dip me biscuits into.

There have also been about 90 other names for this mixtape as we tend to write a new one on every CD we sell from the trolley. Tis far easier for us to come up with mixtape names than it is mixtapes. The album cover here on the internet shows nine titles written in Limerick before going to The Wickham Tap for a gig with Unscene Music last year. Just like our grandmother, they’ve aged with a spooky feel.

In the past, we have talked shite about sending the stems of this mixtape to producers we love. This time it’s real. The Big Granny Re-Roll is on the way. Keep ears to the Gran.”

Wise words. Wise words indeed. Get it blasted.

is the editor of The Thin Air. Talk to him about Philip Glass and/or follow him on Twitter @brianconey.