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Premiere: Fixity – FIXITY 6

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The music of Fixity, aka Irish multi-instrumentalist Dan Walsh, has always been perfectly thicket-like – a dense, sprawling mesh in which to get lost, happily stuck even. Since mid-2016, it’s been a conduit for all kinds of probing, forward-moving forays into God-knows-where. Spanning live EPs and first-rate LPs including last year’s No Man Can Tell – a release TTA’s Ryan O’Neill called “a brilliantly loose, shapeshifting record that is quite difficult to compare to anything else” – Walsh and co-conspirators including tenor saxophonist Emil Nerstrand have consistently delivered carefully-crafted, often masterfully mind-melting music. New release FIXITY 6 doesn’t deviate from this tried-and-test M.O. From opener ‘Go Though’, to highlights including ‘What You Call Me’ and closer ‘Brane Shuffle’, free jazz, psych-dappled ambient and improvisation wed, pull apart, scrap, push together and fulminate with force, joy and pure conviction. Have a first listen below.

FIXITY 6 is released via Bandcamp on August 17th.

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