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Irish Tracks of the Week – September 25th


Once again, it’s been a ridiculously strong week for Irish music throughout. Here’s the very best, from Post Punk Podge & TPM’s toxic masculinity takedown, wonderfully-constructed modern classic pop from Paddy Hanna, CMAT, Wyvern Lingo, Jackie Beverly, Dark Tropics, twisted Donegal Lynchisms from Shammen Delly, Bitch Falcon’s dreamy post-punk, and the inimitable Myles Manley, and wonderful new EPs from Gadget & the Cloud and Damien Lynch.

Denise Chaila, Sorcha Richardson, God Knows, Murli – Out The Gaff

Post Punk Podge & The Technohippies feat. TPM – Hard Man

Paddy Hanna – Sinatra

Cmat – I Wanna Be A Cowboy, Baby!

Myles Manley – Were We Under Attack From England?

Shammen Delly – The Peoples Temple OV Big tom

Gadget and the Cloud – Ten Past Three

Art of Algebra – Praying On A Gamble (feat. Breezy IDeyGoke)

Damien Lynch – Poachers Path

Bitch Falcon – Martyr

Dark Tropics – Moroccan Sun

Jackie Beverly – Someone Else [Live From The Vintage Room]

Wyvern Lingo – Things Fall Apart

Colm Warren – Shame

Kessler Effect – Shadow

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