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Irish Tracks of the Week – April 2nd (2)

Happy Bandcamp Friday AKA the only day that means anything anymore. There’s a lot of great new Irish music out there this week, so we’ve whittled it all down ten of the best, featuring M.CAMBRIDGE, Cryan, Laurie Shaw, licehead, Comrade Hat, Amerik w/ Travi the Native & more.

M.CAMBRIDGE – Land Songs: The Ballad of Sok le Boy EP

licehead – Beta Male Fever (Pilot Episode)

Cormorant Tree Oh – Zip Issues

Cryan – Rodeo Queen

Comrade Hat – Deep Sleep

Joshua Burnside – Driving Alone In The City At Night

For Ruin – Relapsed EP

Scenic: – Long Time Listener, First Time Caller

Seba Safe – Map Runner EP

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