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Irish Tracks of the Week – May 21


It’s been another big week for new Irish music, with tracks and albums coming from all over the country from emerging artists and established favourites. Dig into new releases from Maria Kelly, Kojaque, Strange Boy, Elephant, NUXSENSE, VerseChorusVerse, Biig Piig, Toasted Heretic and more.

Maria Kelly – eight hours

Kojaque – Wickid Tongues

Strange Boy – Prayers

NUXSENSE – A sacred journey through the golden path

Rory Sweeney X Emby – Two Faces

Cherym – Listening To My Head

Hex Hue – Aquiver

VerseChorusVerse – what if we won

Enola Gay – Sofa Surfing

Elephant – Envy

Biig Piig – The Sky Is Bleeding

Niall McDowell – Do You Think I’m Pretty

Toasted Heretic – Satellite Dishes

FYA FOX – Sunset

Joel Harkin – Close Your Eyes

D. Cullen – Heartlines