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Irish Tracks of the Week – 2nd September


On this Bandcamp no-fee Friday, dig into the best Irish music of the week from Junior Brother, New Pagans, F.R.U.I.T.Y., Celaviedmai, Phil Kieran, Arvo Party and more

Junior Brother – The Great Irish Famine

Padraig Cooney – Houses

Mount Palomar ft Joshua Burnside – Simmer

Phil Kieran & Green Velvet – Enjoy The Day

New Pagans – Better People

F.R.U.I.T.Y. – Fruiterama

Celaviedmai – Go Down Low

Arvo Party – Suave

Comrade Hat – Total Eclipse of the Self (feat. Neptune M)

Kessler Effect – Be Free

Alpha Chrome Yayo – Private Garden

Sweat Threats – Fake It

Becky McNeice – In My Head

Whenyoung – A LIttle Piece Of Heaven

Moving Statues – Town & Country EP

Virgins – Signalling