Frame by Frame #005: Oh Volcano – Oceans

Published on March 7th, 2014 | by Colm Laverty

In the fifth installment of Frame By Frame – a regular feature looking at the production, concepts behind and creators of local music videos – Belfast-based filmmaker and musician Colm Laverty talks to fellow jack-of-all-trades Edward …... Read More



Choice Cuts: The Best Tracks of… February

Published on March 3rd, 2014 | by Aaron Hamilton

In his latest review of the very best music released in the month just passed, the altogether audibly-attuned Aaron Hamilton bestows up our very ears some exceptional tracks from the likes of Sun Kil Moon, Lydia …... Read More



Frame by Frame #003: Feet For Wings – Cathedral St

Published on February 17th, 2014 | by Colm Laverty

Having just unveiled the stunning yet subtle video for their new single single, ‘Cathedral St’, Belfast acoustic-folk band Feet For Wings talk to Colm Laverty about its production, the thematic and inspirational impetus behind its creation …... Read More



Classic Album: Bark Psychosis – Hex

Published on February 14th, 2014 | by Lee Gorman

You’re familiar with post-rock, right? Long, usually instrumental tracks that start off quiet and pretty, build slowly then BOOM – erupt into cathartic crescendo, before tailing off with a swooning little coda. That’s post-rock. Beautiful and …... Read More


smiths selftitled

Classic Album: The Smiths (1984)

Published on February 13th, 2014 | by Steven Rainey

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. After 30 years of disappointments, you can look back and see exactly what started it all, throwing all amount of history and emotional baggage on top of it to make some …... Read More



Hardwell and the Defence of Dance

Published on February 12th, 2014 | by Chris Jones

To read the hysterical coverage following last week’s Hardwell concert, you’d think that end times were upon us: thousands of feral, drug-abusing teenagers on the rampage with the Dutch DJ as their dark prince. The debate …... Read More

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